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Complaint: After several wasted and frustrating attempts to try to log in to my selling account, I had to contact directly in regards to the matter. Subsequently, notified me that my selling account was suspended on Aug. 04, 2015 but failed to indicate the reason for the suspension. It turns out also internally tampered with my selling account log in credentials on Aug. 4 2015 on top of the suspension for the sole purpose of robbing my sales proceeds valued in the amount of $2403.18. It is now April 20, 2016; therefore, Amazon has been holding my sales proceeds for well more than 8 months and the company systemically ignores all requests for compensation! Furthermore, the so called “account specialists”” are out of control because nobody monitors their activities with respect to third party sellers. In conclusion

Tags: E-trade

Address: I am an honest seller and as such

Website: which is an outstanding debt owed to my selling account.”

Phone: I should not be punished without any reason. Therefore

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