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Complaint: I purchased a defective computer from company that is owned by Amazon, it is clled Woot. Woot’s response ws that they did not build it and accepted no responsibility. They told me to contact the people that built this junk. I did and ws told that Woot is past due and on credit hold. I again contacted Woot and they told me to fiind one of my so called friends and pawn it off on them. I contcted mazon nd was told that they could not help me, Woot is a “stand alone site”” and although owned by Amazon they will not help me. I then filed a BBB complaint

Tags: Computer Dealers

Address: Amazoon emiled me nd told me that they “”needed more time”” I never herd from mazon again. Today the BBB informed me that they are cllaiming to have resolved the complaint. Perhaps it ws esolved to their satisfction

Website: Internet USA

Phone: however they fail to understnd that I am the customer and they are ripping me off. I have again contacted the BBB

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