a Called and offered me a job the call only went to voicemail Port St Lucie Florida!!. I had received a voice mail never an actual call with this so called oppurtunity to make great money working from home for Amazon. Some how I think if you are on Amazon they know who you are if you shop a lot. They left me a link to go to on my voice mail and I have saved it. When I went to the site a photo of jeff bezos came up with some more doctored images and telling you absolutly nothing except how much money you could make and whne I clicked on the continue button I was taken to another site that had a big fill out box without telling you the amount needed. I had a feeling that it was a scam and so decided to look them up before putting in my info as I don’t like giving out bank info online unless it is a secure business. Then in my research i ran across a review from this site and after reading their review was very happy not to have clicked the final button. So whoever you were that made the review about this I wish to say THANK YOU!!! JFI if you ever ust see some big boxes on the screen and a different website in the browser you know it’s a scam! So don’t fall for it! Earning money the hard way is the only way unless you come from a wealthy family. There are NO SHORT CUTS!!! Unless of course you are behind a Brinks truck whoose door just fly’s open and lots of money is floating in the air! (Indiana – 2018)

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