Amber Chalker Barlett/Ham Madison, NY Scranton, PA New York


Only a few months after having our second child, my husband introduced me to this tramp. A friend”he had known forever”… we met for a cookout at our camp. A week later she came to our house for dinner and became a regular visitor. Shortly after she told me that her and her boyfriend had split because he was abusive and she moved in. She told me stories about money she had, a 2 year old daughter she had, she was in the ROTC program. She also said she had a neurological condition that caused her to faint often. During the 3 weeks she was living with us, she slept with my brother, my brother-in-law, my brother’s best friend, and my husband. I found messages between both of them where he called her his girlfriend and told her he loved her. I also found several naked pictures he took of her in our shower, our bed, our camp… I confronted him and kicked them both out. Later that day I found through a spy program on our computer that she was dating several men, including one in ROTC where she had been tossed out after 2 weeks because she was mentally unstable. Not only did she not have a daughter, she was sending pictures of my own 2 year old to her boyfriend telling him she was hers and that she would bring her to 10 hours away to meet him where they would get married and he would adopt her as his own. || When she left I found that she stole my jewelry and my fertility medication. A couple months later she messaged me accusing me of stealing HER things. The state troopers said I was within my rights to file a harassment claim and restraining order. Oh, and I met her previous boyfriend. He wasn’t abusive, he was a young kid in love and his mother kicked her out after she stole from them. She also didn’t have a neurological disorder, she just pretended to for my husband’s attention. I thought I was rid of this piece of white trash until a few days ago when I found that she had contacted my husband again trying to hook up. There’s a special place in hell for this whore.

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