Amber Wiley Virginia Virginia


I was seeing my ex for almost two years. Everything was going perfect. I ended up pregnant from our camping trip in May. Everything was still going good. Amber had tried to come between me and him in March but he told her no. She would stop at nothing. He was wrong too and I know he was. She lied to him got him to go to her house for an”estimate” for a job. One thing led to another she then said she was pregnant. She claimed it was by him and she was three weeks along. He didn’t believe her because she was showing. || Every time we try to talk and work things out guess who is there to try to come between us again. The sad thing is Amber is married and has been for a while. Her husband is currently incarcerated and she is looking for someone to step in and fill in while he is gone. She keeps saying she has filed for divorce however, we all know that is public records and she has not filed. Told my ex she filed in July then in August and September and now again in October. There is no record of it. She has been with other married men or men in a relationship and she still goes to see him while he’s locked up. And seeing other guys behind my exs back.

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