Amer abdulla omar


Amer abdulla omar 4135 w indian school Furniture store fixing cars totaled from auction . Took car took money sold vehicle to someone else didnt pay for my job Phx az Arizona!!. Im a widow need money for job on vehicle colision damage purchased for aution for repair and resale dodge caravan . .i did the prep work on this vehicle and prior vehicles for amir and omat .im only askinv for my momey forprep work and the money he took for me for purchase of a 2001clk mercedes. i paid 250 to get thos car out of towing since he was the one who stuck bad plate on it but i wantef the car so i gave him money. he gave me receipt 250 and i gave him a additional 250. i also have a receipt. he took car from me never repaid and not paid for work completed he never wrote contract and now i find out the title was not in his name. all i want is what im owed prepwork 200 and the 500 from the car he took to reasale. i have receipts temptag he didnt give me title so car sat there undrivable unregisterd. i got temp tags he never made contract but he took my money made receipt and acceptef repairs on vehicle mercerdes and on caravan and i got nothing. he didnt plan on paying for the repair on caravan. can someone please resolve he took mercedes sold it caravan sold it. i would really be careful when you do job with no comtract but at least i have voice recording unbelnowing to him receipts i paid him he signes papers from admissions temp tags prior to him taking vehicle back and picture of other veh completed .he said it was a rent a car for the vehicle they were paying 500 forand making 5000 off..why would i need a rent a car? i know now this was a very good lesson to me .i know to get a contract for my work and to not hand over a dime without title or contract .but i do have receipt pics and voice recording text messaged receipts from prior jobs for him .my maps shows days hours in job and time .text messages saying i would get only 250 and then saying im not getting anything i need help im afemale in car buosness only a year im being taken advantage of please help

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