A’Merica Painting Review


I hired Stephen Henderson with A’merica painting to paint the exterior of my house in may 2019, finished and paid in full with minor touch ups still needed. Two weeks later doors started to peel…..tried to blame paint product, paint rep said BAD PREP. Stephen said he would be back out in a couple weeks to fix and finish minor touch ups and clean, weeks turned to months….. finally 5 months later we had to hire someone else to finish. I told stephen this before hand and he said he would pay me back whatever it cost to correct the work…. | well here we are and no money still. He went as far as saying he even put a check in the mail. He’s a real pos. I wouldn’t recommend him to someone I hated. I really hope he goes out of business, broke and homeless….he’s that big of a lying pos.


Name: A’Merica Painting

Country: United States

State: Florida

City: North Port


Phone: 1 941-769-7601

Website: americapaintingfl.com/

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