American AF Review


Ordered ~$60 (with shipping) sweater from AAFNATION. Took 2 weeks to arrive because it was being “custom-made”. However, when the package arrived, it was from Amazon Prime, with an attached gift receipt. The Amazon prime product was different, because it included the very classy phrase “Merica F*** Yeah” knit into the fabric of the sweater. The advertized product from AAFNATION had no such language. Furthermore, the Amazon product only cost ~$24. AAFNATION falsely advertised their product, with the full intention of defrauding customers of their money, making over 100% profit in the process, with no work required, except placing orders on Contacted AAFNATION with intention of receiving full refund, but slim hopes of this happening, based on other reviews of retailers in this company family. | |


Name: American AF

Country: United States

State: Alabama



Phone: 6197524279


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