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I planned a trip and booked tickets 5 months in advance to attend my cousins wedding in India. The wedding is in a rural area so I had to make ocal travel arrangements in advance as well because travel in India is difficult at the last moment. My trip was for 7 days total of which 4 days went in travel. The wedding ceremonies would last about 2 days.American Airlines in their infinite wisdom bumped me involuntarily from my local flight to JFK from BWI. Then they tried different methods to get me there, all of which would make me miss my local transport to the village area. There answer to that is that it is not there problem.They broke Dept of Trans. rule about giving me in writing my rights for involuntary bumping. Second the boarding person asked me to wait by the side while she loaded the passengers onto the flight and did not inform me of what was happening. Apparently my seat was given to a pilot who had to get to JFK. This lady left after boarding saying that I would get a voucher in the mail and to see the front desk about rebooking on the next flight.Front desk told me that I had to take a ticket for the next day same flight or else I might not even get that. I explained that I had to go home and see if I can transport after arrival to the village. They said no problem and pushed me off. Later I found out that I would be missing a key ceremony so I cancelled the trip and informed of that. They then told me that I will not get a refund for cancelling.The voucher they mailed me is for half the ticket cost I paid for my India ticket. There answer is that is all they are responsible for. American Airlines does not have a phone number for complaints, either mail or the website.My last complaint is that I was the only asian on the flight, everyone else was caucasian with the exception of two african americans. Whether that was intentional or not I do not know. But the lady who was boarding did not care of my travel plans was quite obvious. She did not even apologize for the inconvenience. She said she was in a hurry and to go to the front desk.So here I am with no trip, a loss of ticket money because the voucher was for less than my ticket cost and no one to talk to at American Airlines. I went to their website and filed my complaint 2 weeks ago and no response except an automated message saying they are looking into it.

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