American Bath Factory Complaint


ABF, American Bath Factory, Dream Bath International, whatever you called your self, are calling yourself, you lied to us, deliberately deceived us, and now you thing by changing your name and firing everyone in your business including your own family members (rick), and selling (kurt), that this is just going away, no you ruined peoples lives, and feel you can walk away from this, well it is back again, allot of interest has been showed by many to get this settled. By the way, nice pics below, looks like the documentation to hang you is around. Please have therespect (rick adn jim) not to try and commenton here like you are a good guy, adn Mr. Rick, please try not to say you did not know what was going on adn WAH, WAH, WAH you were a victum too, you requested the network to be built, you auhorized it, had Jim C. Contact Kurt to make the dealer network. Kurt, you didnot do your research to verify this program was true, what the hey, we all saw the MAGIC SHOW, and poof our money, time, families, businesses, all dissapeared at the wave of your tongue. Yes we have emails, recorded conversations (all persons where knowingly recorded, particularly where Mr. Rick jumps on and cries the blues how he was a victum), contracts, documentation, and most of all your worthless word. By the way, what happened in the 90’s, spoke to some interesting people who stated “yup they sammed me and my company in the 90’s”, seems like this is your normal practice, we all would like to know what that was about, well maybe some of us are saving that info for a better time.

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