American Debt Solutions, L.L.C. Complaint


American Debt Solutions contracted with my company (Contractor Concierge, Inc.) to acquire consumers interested in Debt consolidation i.e. ‘leads’. We delivered thousands of names and in return, we received credit card payments in the amount of nearly $4, 000. After two months they decided to Chargeback the credit cards and claimed they did not authorize the charges, yet they continued to receive the leads and copies of the credit card transaction in emails. We know they received the leads as we ‘seed’ the database and have confirmed their agents have been makeing the calls. What this means is they accepted the leads, were aware of the charges and two months later requested a Chargeback, thus taking the money out of my checking account with full knowledge the leads were accepted, yet they want their money back. This is FRAUD and we want every vendor or customer to know their practices are unscrupulous. The Toll free number has been busy for nearly a month, the owners Bob Dyke and Leith Erickson do not answer their cell phones nor do they respond to the emails. Be careful, very careful with this company.

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