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I flew to North Carolina at my expense, meet at their office and was told to bring $5000. Gave the money and I got a set of blueprints. I then built the house on the blueprint but not with their materials, because they don’t use brick. They told me all I had to do was build the house to get my money back. Next they said that they had a way for both parties to benefit. Send them another $5000 and they would build a model home that I would show to people and handle them brochures. I gave another $5000 and called them and wrote them for yesrs and never got anything except 25 colored brochures to handout! They asked for another $5000 to get the contractor to ship materials from North Carolina to Pennsylvania, at this point I said just give me my money back. They said they sent a certified check which I never received and they just kept making excuses about post office, banks, etc… I never received my $10,000 back.

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