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I’m desperately in need of advice from someone who has had to deal with these people. I had clues of upcoming trouble, but as AELI kept me until the end of the business day before releasing the truck, I found myself choosing between a risky trip home or sleeping in the truck until they found the time to address the problems. Thinking my mechanical experience would help me through most small issues I chose to go….little did I know what lie ahead. A month after I signed my lease the entire battery box fell off this truck costing me over $600 on the road side. About a month later I found metal in the oil while doing a PM. When I took the truck to them I was told that they didn’t handle such issues at the Charlotte location and that I would have to work it out with the “President”. MR. Blake Boling simply stated that it was cheaper for them to let the engine fail and have it fixed than to preempt the issue. He even hinted that he knew it was a high mileage truck….I was stuck! I was initially led to believe the truck had only 450,000 miles despite its age. Now there is little doubt that it has a million more…there are now more hints of catastrophic failure. I just cant afford to have this thing break down on me and lose work. Nor can I pay for towing and repairs while they decide IF they will cover the engine. I’m inclined to give this thing back to them before it quits on me. Any advice would be helpful….perhaps someone who knows the contract they use.

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