American Freight Dayton Ohio Review


After searching the internet and browsing at furniture, I found American Freight which did have the best prices for furniture. I looked at a couple other stores before going to American Freight, I ultimately decided on a set (reclining loveseat and sofa manufactured by Simmons) from American Freight.nThe salesperson was helpful, the problem was that the loveseat and sofa was not in stock. We would have to wait just a week for the sofa, but was told that there was one loveseat in the warehouse that was on clearance. We took a good look at it in the warehouse and even reclined the seats to make sure it worked, it did. We got the loveseat later that day, which we did receive a discounted price on, -$250 on original price. We should have reclined the loveseat again before they unloaded it off the truck, one of the recliners was broken now.nLong story short, I finally got a hold of the manager and he was not wanting to help me out because the furniture was sold at a discounted price. My argument was that the couch that was sold to me at a discounted price was used not broken, but still no help. I was interested in them paying a furniture repairer to repair the couch, not really interested in a refund or exchange, and still no help. The other part of my furniture does come with a manufacturers warranty since I am the first owner of it, but this does not help me on the discounted piece. Know that you will have to contact the retail purchaser to use the manufacturers warranty. American Freight has given the impression to me that they don’t have time to talk to me, so good luck with that.nMoral of the story is inspect, inspect, and inspect again. Also read, read, and read again. I’m not saying I’m not satisfied with my purchase, it is nice furniture for the price, but just wish I had not got a broken recliner, hopefully the repair will be reasonable.

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