American Home Shield Ormond Beach Florida


Complaint: We have had AHS warranty policies on all five of our homes. For the last several years, our A/C unit has had constant problems which AHS takes weeks to order parts and hires the worst contractors (most of them are very poorly rated with the BBB). The A/C system finally stopped cooling but was still running. AHS sent out the first company who said it was “physical damage”” which it clearly was not. I have the photos showing it is age and rusting to the ground. They sent out a second company who went out and said they agreed it needed to be replaced. However

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Address: they reported to AHS (7 days later) that “”the homoewner just wants a new A/C unit and it is working fine.”” The thermostat is set at 72 degrees and it was 86 degrees in the home. Would you consider that to be working? After two weeks of dealing with lying

Website: hired an accredited local contractor and had the A/C replaced within a few days. I would never recommend AHS to anyone even my worst enemy! I spent about $2500 per year keeping a warranty in place and when it is needed

Phone: rude contractors and spending hours on hold with AHS

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