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american honda motor company REFUSAL TO CORRECT PREMATURE MOTOR MOUNT FAILURE torrance, California!!. The motor mounts on my 2003 Honda OdysseIy failed at less than 50,000 miles. Honda accepted respnsibility for cost of parts at that time and I paid $320 for the labor.The mounts failed a second time after less than 30,000 additional miles. Honda refuses to accept any reponsibility this time because we are 2.5 years passed the expiration of their 12 months parts warranty. Cost of replacement this time is estimated at $650. Honda refuses to pay anything toward the repair this time. I would expect motor mounts to last for the life of the vehicle or at least for 100,000 miles. These failures appear to be the result of a design or quality failure. Has anyone else experienced such failures. Perhaps we can start a class action suit.

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