Complaint: I received a phone call on February 2, 2011 from a Brian Hunt with a western indian type accent stating that he was from the American Law Division and I had taken out a payday loan which was returned for payment. If I didn’t make payment arrangements that they would take me to civil court in my state and issue a judgement against me and I would have a warrant for my arrest. At this point I am frighten b/c I know that I have a payday loan out and it was returned by my bank but this was the first and only time it had been returned. Instead of contacting them first before sending any info I didn’t because Brian already had all of my information that he read to me. When I explained what happened he stated he would transfer me to his “head”” lawyer which his name was Andrew Johnson same accent and they requested that I write a letter giving them permission to with draw the settled amount from off of my debit card on February 11

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Address: 2011. After faxing my info to this company something hit me and said “”call the lender to see if they reported you””. I called the lender and spoke with a lady whose name I want mention but she stated no they had not reported my name to anyone and that I need to call them back to cancel that transaction. Of course when I called the number back some other gentleman answered and he acted like he couldn’t understand me I looked the number up in the whitepages and It belong to someone in PR and the fax number which I had just used and hour earlier no longer work either. Needless to say they have scammed me for my info and now I have place a complaint with my attorney generals office here in NC as well as putting security freezes on my credit reports and I have canceled the card they are suppose to draft from my account and now in the process of closing that account and opening a new one. Please be careful of this company!!!!”


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