American Money Corporation


American Money Corporation prize offer of car and first 1 mil and then 7.5 mil. Sacremento, California!!. The phone call was from “John Baker” whose boss was “John White.” It was for my wife but he had no trouble making the offer to me. She won because of “shopping at Walmart.” We never shopped there. He gave us the license number of the car that would be brought to us same day. We were to receive 1 mil. Later he said 7.5 mil. We were to furnish two $500 money packs from CVS. The person who would deliver the car was to call for the pack numbers and then deliver the car. I told him it was impossible to do this the same day. If it was to be the next day, I was told, it would cost $1,500 more. I said “Since we are to receive 12 mil and a car, the additional cost was no problem.” He did not react to my increase in the alleged prize amount. I then asked if I would get the 12 mil the same day as the car. He said “Yes.” My dad always said “The best lie is the truth. You remember what you said.” Obviously my ripoff artist did not. From his voice he may have been a Nigerian.

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