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I had a broken expansion tank at the apartment building I own, I found them on google as my regular plumber was out of town, I have 7 tenants there and needed immediate repair.The technician told me the tank must be replaced, it is the size of a propane tank used for your BBQ. He told me the tank alone was $975.00 I said to him several times are you sure that sounds ridiculous. He assured me several times, we put it in and the bill came to $1200.00 Finally got a hold of my plumber who said the cost of the tank is $52.00, I went myself to Plumbing Contractors supply store and that is exactly what it cost. $52.00 I have called several times to American Plumbing and they refuse to do anything, they won’t put a manager on the phone. We had paid by credit card and we are screwed. They should have their license revoked for Consumer Fraud.

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