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I went to this school in 2005 my teacher was tammy gockman i still have not found a job in my field & i finished. I have 12,000 in student loans and its ashame these type of schools do this 2 people. I tested with ncct( a national testing 3rd party place which is some bs as well) it was the only place that would test me. people please do your research and goole these places or u will b put in a bad situation like me. find out if aama test that school if not then its not somewhere u need 2 b. my teacher was nice bit that was it. the school is ghetto, ratchet and no where near professional. The students were messy and kept up trouble just the worse experience of my life really im so in debt inbehind this nonsense i benefit in no way from this mess. If a school does not test through aama then its not somewhere u need 2 go. That and API has a bad reputation and no company will want 2 hire u knowing that u went here so dont waste your time or money with this mess. .

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