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Professor Mary Olea, teaching LITR221: American Literature from the Civil War to Present, with American Public University System; aliases and abbreviations: APUS, APU, AMU, American Military University, and American Public University, refused to correct my grade even after I provided supporting information to remedy the situation on her own that proves Headers, i.e. Name, Professor Name, Course Name, Due Dates, and Page Numbers, were in fact in the original submission, the feedback submission back to me from her, and on the report showing the entire essay’s contents as well. | She seems to have been viewing the document in “Web Layout” on Microsoft Word based on the details of this issue and after I trial-errored the matter myself resulting in positive results. “Web Layout” in Microsoft Word does not show the embedded headers I typed in using Word’s Header/Footer feature. However, if you view the document in “Print Layout,” being the default view MS Word opens documents in for viewing or creating, the headers appear clear as day. | I contacted Prof. Olea first with my concern of this grading error in a candid mannor. At no time did she make any reference to attempting to resolve the oversight on her part nor. Instead, her responses defaulted to student error, that they were not visible on the document she received, and used dismissive language like “it is not ordinarily for an instructor to do…” this and that when I attempted to suggest changing her page view from “Web Layout” or viewing the document on She also bargained to replace the missed points for headers and deduct points instead for the assignment being late; it was late and I had expected points off for that as it would be correct in the grading. | However, I denied her offer because bargaining grades is unethical, she should have graded correctly the first time around. She went on in her responses attempting to alter the narrative making a slanderous comment to me that I am “…not willing to accept an academic decision that was based on department standards.” I am a U.S. veteran that served with integrity and to have an instructor who does not know me call my integrity into question without factual evidence is offensive and highly inappropritate in her position. It was clear she is trying to dismiss her error by changing the narrative while still claiming she cannot see the headers. She would not look at the page to see the entire essay’s contents where the headers could be viewed from a non-conflicted system and neutral party. | I have contacted Academic Appeals for this matter and am waiting their follow-up. I will be contacting the Program Director this week as well to have him/her view the original submission of my essay from their system as well as inquiring for receiving an authentic and sincere apology from Prof. Olea for her remarks that are not based on any facts, but only by how she “feel[s].” | Irregardless of the resolution to this matter, it is an A graded assignment, however, on principle it is graded in error and I don’t want it to continue to happen to me or others. Furthermore, the Prof. Olea’s behavior such as the unethical bargaining is not appropriate as each student works diligently for a correctly earned grade on their work. I am posting this complaint here because I have experienced this and other concerning problems with this aforementioned university and I do not believe they have the best interest of their students in mind, but instead, the bottom line only. All prospective or current students need to reevaluate their decision to attend this university with extreme caution.


Name: American Public University

Country: United States

State: Florida

City: Charles Town

Address: 111 West Congress Street

Phone: 877-755-2787


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