American Reporting Company Complaint


Appraisers beware, this company paid 90 days late on an appraisal. When they did pay I am sure it was just because they needed another appraisal. The second appraisal was paid past the 30 day payment period. When I assesed a late fee, they refused to pay, saying that a late fee is rediculous, even though they charge a commision which is twice what my late fee was, and they were already paid before the order was requested. I demanded that they pay the late fee, which they eventually did, and then said they would never use my services again and attempted to put my company on a blacklist with a major bank due to their negligence. They also pressured my office to say that oubuilding were situated in such a way that the lot could not be partioned. This was not true, so I refused to put it in writing.

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