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This company is charging us a $600 cancellation fee for a contract that we did not agree to. There are two places to sign on the contract one that states that we understand the terms, and another place to agree to the proposal (thus turning it into a contract). We signed to show that we understood the terms of the proposal, but we did not sign in the place that makes the proposal an actual contract. Before signing on the first line, I asked the sales representative if we were bound to the company if we signed. He sai that we were not bound until the last line was signed. When we decided to go with another company (that did the work for the same price, but used higher quality materials, such as 30 weight felt, pricier shingles, and colored flashing), the man became offensive on the phone and said that we were bound by the contract, and that we owe the company 10% of the cost of the roof. We received a bill for $600 from their central office in Missouri. I called to have the situation resolved, to no avail. What first made me suspicious of the company was that the sales representative did not give us an actual price for the roof. Instead, he just listed insurance proceeds plus deductible. All replacement wood would have been our responsibility as well. Additionally, we were to receive the insurance money in two checks. The first check was in excess of $4, 500, and the man wanted us to simply sign it over to the company, rather than follow the 50% in advance payment that is clearly stated on the contract. He reluctantly said that we could work something out when I expressed my concern. The list of the 24 disclaimers on the back of the agreement also concerned me. Item 6 states that the company will not be held liable for any damage that they do to the building. Item 8 says that the company will not be held responsible if their equipment breaks up the driveway. Item 9 states that the company can use different materials than those agreed upon, as long as they meet with industry standards. Item 16 releases the company from liability if the roof becomes damaged due to (they may ask that you prove that it wasnt defective in the first place). Item 20 states that they will not guarantee that water will not pool on the roof. The agreement itself is confusing and misleading with the two separate places to sign. Thus far in my adventures in telling everyone I know about this company, to include 2 police officers (1 sergeant, and 1 white collar crime specialist), 2 high school teachers (1 is a Ph.D.), a mortgage company manager, a title company manager, and 3 representatives from other roofing companies, not one person said that it is a valid contract. I will continue to spread the word. People need to be protected from companies like these!

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