American Tesol Institute [ATI] Review


The American TESOL Institute is a scam organisation claiming to be an American Based company when in actual fact it is run by an Indian company in Kolkata, India who also sometimes operate from Thailand. Their head office address in Tampa, Florida is nothing more than a mailing address operated by Regus. The USA 1800 number sometimes directs to an Indian gentleman in India or Thailand who has a very strong Indian accent. In most cases, it directs to an answering machine. As well as the website they also operate The company claims to be a reputable American Training Institute when in fact they are no more than a website running TESOL/TEFL courses in hotel meeting rooms. Their TEFL/TESOL certificates carry no international accreditation or moderation, but their cleverly chosen name fools students into thinking they are enrolling on some sort of “American Body Certified Course”. They also claims to be an ISO certified company which cannot be verified by ISO. Stay clear of this cleverly disguised company!

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