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American Traffic Solutions Plate Pass Florida Auto Rental Scam Nationwide!!. After paying for our Hertz Auto Rental we received an invoice for “unpaid tolls” – the “unpaid tolls” where from an area of Florida that we were no where’s near during our entire trip. I figured it was a simple mistake. I was having dinner on the other side of the state when the alleged infraction took place. I have dinner receipts and receipts from the hotel I was staying in at the time to PROOF where I was. I explained and responded in writing and was told “we have a photo of your car”. I said that was impossible and asked to see the photo. So far, No PHOTO proof and they just keep adding to the bill! This is an outrage. Be very careful. We contacted HERTZ and they are not helping us resovle the matter. If they do not help ;us resolve this I will never again to business with HERTZ. The state of Florida is working with Plate Pass and American Traffic Solutions and is obviously benefiting from the relationship. There should be an investigation and class-action law suit.

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