American Travel Voyager Boling Texas Review


We paid money (about $3,000) to join this travel network about 9 years ago. We had so much trouble using their services, that we just gave up trying. We tried to go to their travel agent training classes, but they kept moving offices so much we could not keep up. nI recently lost my travel agent card and when I tried to locate them to get another, I found through the internet that these complaints were on Ripoff. Their office has closed also, and I get no response from [email protected] never kept any of their promises, and were evasive and difficult to work with. How could they keep going for so long, ripping people off? nWould it do any good to get in touch with them? What recourse do we have? nDebranBoling, TexasU.S.A.

[email protected] Dallas, Texas U.S.A.


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