American Van Lines Chicago Illinois Review


From the moment I signed the contract, this was nothing short of a hell show. This was the worst experience of my life. I signed the contract for my stuff to be picked up July 25-NO EARLIER and to be delivered no later than 8/6. Within in 10 hours of signing contract, I start receiving calls saying they need to move up my move out date to 7/18. I am 1300 miles away and trying to organize this. I specifically told them I could not do earlier because NO ONE was there. Now they were telling me that they couldnt pick it up 7.25, even though that was the contracted. I had to pull someone away from work to be at spot to let them in the house. I was PROMISED that because of this that my stuff would be to Chicago by 7.28. I was repeatedly promised this. When the movers got there, they were supposed to move it, not us. The person I had let them in, ended up moving most of it. Every day I was checking in with them…or trying to at least seeing how NO ONE in the compant will return calls. I rive cross country and on the 27th, the date promised, call them and no one will return call. I finally get a hold of the driver and he is in Oregon. When I sign contract, I was told they had to pick up my stuff earlier so they could get to Utah, Washington, then to Vermont. When I talked to driver he had been to San Francisco, Oregon, but not WAS. So on the day promised, he was in OR…not Chicago. I got the run around from EVERYONE! The only person to every return calls was driver. I called Al (dispatcher) 10 times in one week trying to find my stuff. He never once responded or called me back. I called Matt (guy who wrote up contracted) 8 times and no call back. I talked to a guy name Sam and left 6 messages with him and no call back. It kept being “escalated”” with no resolution

no returned phone calls

and ALL EMPTY promises. I took off work the following week when it was “”supposed”” to be delivered. No one every called to tell me it would make it AGAIN. I had to call and find out. I took off another day a week later

and the same thing happened. This company

or lack thereof

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