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I have written several letters to American Woodcrafters with NO response from them. I purchased the HEIRLOOM bedroom set. | I am totally disgusted with their lack of response. I even wrote to the Chairman, Mr. John Foster at their HIgh Point, N.C. address. It has been enough time for their response. | I purchased the Heirloom “WHITE” collection. It is NOT white as advertised all over the internet with “selling” vendors. This Heirloom collection should NOT be called “WHITE” it is so distressed with markings that look like DIRT. I was so disappointed with it when it was delivered. I do believe that if you are going to advertise your product, that it be true to it self. If it is supposed to be white it should be white and not DIRTY IVORY COLORED. And if the furniture is distressed it should be stated that there is EXCESSIVE DISTRESSING and with “pin” hole marks throughout. I am looking for a response from American Woodcrafter as to how my situation can be justified and compensated and that you correct the media used to sell this product (Indonesia mfg. plants) so that other consumers are not put in the same circumstances. False or misleading advertising is not good business practice and does not lead to any accolades or word of mouth sales. I would appreciate you contacting me to discuss remuneration and a refund.

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