In 2010, I had racked up about $29,144 in credit card debt on my MasterCard & VISA. Unable to make payments, I Then, I noticed that phone calls were not being returned and e-mails were not being answered…at all. I researched this company online and found that not only do they have an “F” rating on the BBB website, but there are numerous websites where others who have been scammed by this company have filed complaints. I’ve submitted e-mails, made phone calls, and written letters demanding a full refund of what I’ve paid to them. In their contract, it states on page 2., section 8., “If COMPANY is unable to settle an eligible/enrolled account, COMPANY will not charge CLIENT any amount as settlement fees paid to COMPANY for that particular account balance.” Yesterday, as of August 10th, 2013, I received an e-mail from Sonia Briones, one of the liars at ACG, stating, “A refund will not be issued since fees have not been collected for debt settlement.” What does that mean?? I don’t get my $2,445 back because I did not give them all of my debt owed to my creditor?? When I called my creditor, USAA, they’ve never even heard of American Credit Group, LLC…let alone been in negotiations with them. This company is a bunch of liars & thieves: DO NOT GIVE THEM YOUR MONEY!!!
. I demand I want my money back!. Stay away

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