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I have been employed by Americans for 6 months and rarely would receive a check stub. No matter how much I begged, texted, asked, etc. to get a copy of my check stub there were always excuses. It wasn’t until I reported Americans to the Wage and Hour Division in Lansing MI did I finally start receiving my check stubs …usually a week or so after the fact. | After I had time to sit down and compare times sheets with check stubs it is noted that in July my employer shorted me 8 hours of pay!!! Not only that I was shorted 20 hours in October, when I questioned this by speaking to Payroll Barb I was told this wasn’t her responsibility that I had to take it up with Mr. Khan. I then contacted the owner Mr. Khan who told me “never to contact him about this that it is Payroll Barb’s responsibility”. | After giving them an ultimatium that I wanted the 20 hours of pay from Oct. (as I hadn’t discovered the July missing money) put into my account by 4pm on Monday I was promptly told I needed to come into the office to discuss my time sheet and if I didn’t come in by Fri. at 9am they would consider me resigned. I exp. that I would not be coming in and I would not be resigning. I was then contacted by management and told I could no longer work. | The only time my time sheets were in question was when I questioned why I wasn’t paid for mileage or hours that they owed me for. At first I would go into the office and discuss my time sheets only to be harassed about how I was completing the time sheets etc. A second case with the Wage and Hour Division has been opened regarding missing wages etc. However this is at a first come first serve basis and in the interim I am without a job, without the money I am owed and on top of all of this it is Christmas time!! | I believe Americans should be thoroughly investigated for their actions speak volumes!!

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