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Complaint: My fiance came home so excited when he got the job at a*s. They promised him the flat rate he wanted and told him the shop was busting with all the work they had for him to do. Within two weeks he had received a 3 dollar raise and was loving the people he worked with. Then it all changed… the cars started dwindling down and instead of the two techs they had working they hired two more. So now the three maybe four cars they got a day wre divided between 4 technicians instead of the regular two. Paychecks went from 110 paid hours over two weeks to 30 hours for the same aount of time worked. A promise to be guaranteed hours went unfulfilled. As a technician mark was not supposed to be dealing with customers and he was asked very frequently to get the manager out of jams with angry customers. He was told to install cheap parts in cars when Mark knew they were no good and wouldn’t last very long. At one point he was told to replace a window in a car and as he was testing it the window exploded and shattered in his face. He was very shaken and had cuts on his arm and face. The manager promptly ordered the same cheap part from the same cheap place and handed Mark a bandaid. His Boss brags about having to fire everyone that has ever worked in the shop and often complains aout how hard it is to find good technicians to work on cars. Mark stood up for himself and everyone else in the shop and pointe dout that it is not hard to find good help but it IS hard to find a good boss and a trustworthy shop to work in. He is embarrassed to be working there and is currently looking for an honest reliable shop with a steady car flow to work in. Meanwhile at a*s in Duluth there is a 25 y/o punk trying to run a cheap shop in a business he knows nothing about and whos founders built their company on cheap lies, cheap parts, and a big ego. Kirsten Dunwoody, GeorgiaU.S.A.

Tags: Auto Repair Service

Address: Peachtree Induatrial Duluth, Georgia U.S.A.


Phone: 770-3269886

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