America’s Tire upland California


Complaint: I took my 2001 Honda S2000 with 10,000 mile on Saturday 8/22 for a new sets of tires.While the car is at the shop, one of their employee backed a truck into my S2000. At first the employee told me he was backing up a corporate truck while talking to a customer through the window, and didn’t see my car. Then he changed his story to it’s his dad truck and he was off the clock. After I asked to see the manager, Alan Haight, to discuss about the shop’s liability. Mr. Haight claim the employee is personally responsible for the damage, not the shop. “It’s like parking your car at Target

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Address: and someone hit your car. Target is not responsible for the damage

Website: the vehicle was hit in the Parking lot

Phone: so are we.”” I didn’t want to waste any more time with them

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