America’s Transmission Katy, TX


America’s Transmission Katy, TX Sal Ruis RIP OFF ARTEST!!!!!! Katy, Texas!!. I too have had a bad experience with America’s best rip off transmission company.I took my truck in for what I thought and was told would be a minor repair. I have 2016 Ford F 150 and the only thing wrong there was a leak at the connector, I actually drove my truck there with no problems with the transmission at all. As each day went on for some reason my transmission just got worse the longer it was there. My problem went from replacing a $200 connector to a major transmission overhaul which will cost over $3500. I told Sal I cannot afford that and to put it back together and he told me that would cost me $750. DO NOT USE THIS AMERICA’S TRANSMISSION SHOP OR YOU WILL REGRET IT!!!!! This man needs to be put out of business.

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