Amiclubwear Toledo Ohio Review


I was charged almost $94.78 for seven (7) items. I received three (3) items in the shipment with the additional four (4) items stating the quantity was zero (0) and the total for the three items ended up being about $30.82. It seemed like some items were out of stock or unavailable, which should have been indicated via email or during checkout, but then I realized they still charged me the $94.78 and never gave me the additional 4 items. I have contacted Amiclubwear with the packing slip information, information from the initial charges, product numbers, etc. I have also offered to fax them the packing slip they sent me stating that the total was $30.82 instead of $94.78 and that only 3 items have been delivered, with no response from them. I am contacting additional legal assistance because no company should be able to charge for goods or services which are not delivered. It is extremely unfortunate that it has come to this, but they are an unreliable, fraudulent company.

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