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Ams auto sales Thieves! Ripoff’s ! ConJobOlogy Fort myers Florida!!. This E-mail is for the rightful owner of Ams. (Robert S)..I’m contacting you in regards to the 2006 Ford E-250 that I purchased 4 months ago… I have yet to receive the title for my Vehicle… I have been calling every since I made my last payment and it’s been cat in mouse with your reps…Well finally they assured me they mailed it off and I am responsible for the lost title therefore I need to pay $85 for a duplicate… That was stated by Joel your Manager Monday… After researching, I’ve learned what I suspected, they are trying to duke me to get more money. There has never been a paper title issued until yesterday 8-28-14, Down Town Fort Myers for $10.00.. Therefore there was no way your reps mailed a title… Everything was electronic as of 7-25-13I have checked with multiple sources, tax collectors, dmv, your regional office and they all agree that from their records what I have been told is a lie in a attempt to cheat me out of money…I will be filing a complaint with the Regional Palmetto office rather you choose to turn over the title free of charge or not.. This is unethical and I want to prevent them from deceiving other people.. I am also turning over receipts with the belief I was over charged in late fees..You may receive this email in personal account as well.. I want to make sure you get it…Please respect my concern and don’t have your local reps contact me, I want to Spk to you.Regards, See harassing voicemail below copy & paste in browser for payment when I was out the state dealing with death..

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