AMS Vehicle Sales


AMS Vehicle Sales Offered to sell my fifth wheel trailer within 90 days or my fee ($249) less administrative costs, about $40, would be returned to me. Made several phone calls and sent some angry email messages. Pho Internet!!. I was contacted initially by phone from this company. Over a period of three months when I’ve called I spoke with a different “representative”, once with a male and twice with females. There promise was that they would contact folks who they knew to be interested in a trailer such as mine and within that price range. Anyone wishing to inquire would do so via email. Needless to say, I never received an email from a prospective buyer. Very slick operation. They issued a 6 digit user name and a 4 digit pin number that could be used to review status of listing, number of inquiries, etc. I made that inquiry several times and, of course, each time there had been 0 inquiries.+

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