Amutha Enterprises Review


This place assures you they have 100% human hair. I ordered 3 bundles of hair. 2 of them were good and one was horrible. It was hard and dry like straw. The minute I wet it it matted up and took me almost and hour to comb out. I contacted the company and they were slow to respond. Finally they responded and asked for photos in which i sent. They then wanted me to send the hair back. The problem is that it would cost me $100 to send back which is more than what I paid for the hair. They told me they would send me more hair to compensate for the shipping but it would be cheaper to just buy it and i didn’t want anymore is their bad hair. DO NOT BUY HAIR FROM THEM!!! THEY WILL SEND YOU SYTHETIC MIXTURES OF HAIR THEN PROVIDE BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE. DO NOT TRUST V.PARAMASIVAM OR THEIR FAKE HAIR!!


Name: Amutha Enterprises

Country: India

State: Tamil Nadu

City: Avadi, Chennai

Address: No-4, Ramdass Nagar, 1st Street

Phone: 044 2554 7876


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