Amy Humphrey Illinois Illinois


Repeat offender, known to have multiple affairs with married men. She rolls into Church every Sunday with three kids in tow and her own husband on his leash, and prays hard for forgiveness. Matter of fact, I believe this is how she lives her entire life. In her mind, attending church every week somehow wipes the slate clean of all her betrayal and homewrecking efforts. However, standing in a church doesn’t make you a”Christian” any more than standing in a garage makes you a car. Sad that many don’t see her for the whore she really is. She puts on quite a show. Please know she is a complete fraud. She will ask you to help her with her children, offer to run a carpool, help you with any little thing and then screw your husband. Sometimes it works and sometime the men see right through her and recognize the walking venereal disease she is. She tells her family she’s”working”. When really, she is meeting my husband at the nearest hotel to screw. || When I confronted this trophy whore about her affair with MY husband and telling her that my next call would be to her husband, she responded with”my husband knows about my affair with Rick, and the one before that and the one before that!” I could only laugh at her and say – do you think you’ve earned some kind of prize for that?! You are a complete skank!” Any youth sports program should post a warning about this slut. She finds her potential candidates amongst her son’s teammate’s fathers. She is NOT even close to the picture she tries to paint of herself. She has threatened to humiliate my children by trashing their father in public and exposing their affair. She is a narcissistic slut that wants some wealthy man to save her from”abusive” husband (lie to sell her sob story to stupid men like my husband) that she continues to live with, serves her and manages to attend church with every Sunday. || She is a liar and needs to be”outed” as the skank she really is. Mess with this mother and you get what you deserve – welcome to the infamous wall of homewreckers of Illinois! Wear this medal proudly – you’ve certainly earned it champion homewrecker!

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