Amy Meyers Bay city, Texas Texas


It started October 2012 my now husband met her at work she was the “tool room girl”. She was seeing his friend Paul at the time they had talked on occasion, friendly; she made passes that he turned down because he had a pregnant fiancé at home.  Well one night we were fighting and he decided to stay at a married couple’s house. While over there she text him asking if he wanted to come over and play drinking games with some friends and her.  He went and got drunk passed out and woke up to her kissing him and pulling his pants down. Well you know the rest. The next night he was still staying at the couple’s house and his friend Paul brought her over to hang out. She somehow got to spend the night tried to get him in the shower with her and got into bed with my then fiancé while he was sleeping. || Two days later he went to jail and while there, over the next few months, she tried to get him to leave me.  He told her what she wanted to hear to get her to send money as soon as she lost her job he dropped her like the tramp she is. Eventually he felt terrible and broke down and told me everything and we worked through it and got married and we are strong and happy as ever! This girl is a nasty dirty homewrecker! Knowing he had a baby on the way and fiancé and yet still trying to get him to leave me! Well in the end you are nothing but a piece for men! She is a disgrace to females everywhere!! Her pictures show it all (those are her fb profile pix) nasty !!

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