ANCIRA VOLKWAGEN ANCIRA VOLWAGEN SCAM AND ROBBERS WITH A PEN san antonio Texas!!. i have a volkswagen jetta se 2,5 2018 i took to them to give me an estimate on how much it will cost to fix a flooded car. and they told me it will cost me arround $14,000. first I will start buy saying that this thieves with a pen and full of trouble told me to buy some parts from them after I took my flood car to them then they will help me.I got the parts after they told me that was the reason my car as not coming on and programming.after I bought a BCM they where happy to tell me to come back that they are working on the car .they charged me for 3 hours worth of labour and still did not diagnose the problem.getting to the third time of bringing my car to ancira volkwagen after i have changed out all the electricals my self to avoid paying too much for the labour. I decided to set my battery cables in a tricky way to really see if they try working on my car. so when i called the sales man they call odie they said my car took about 5 hours of there day again and that I owe them 5 hours labour charge so I went there the next day and decided to check on the battery cable I unplugged and I found out that this thieves have been ripping me over and over again.they never touched the battery or they car and they kept charging me.after I complained he was embarrassed and told me to take the car home for free like he was doing me a favor. again the parts called BCM I bought from the scam artist was not the issue and I tried to return it aswell they told me they Volkswagen will not collect it from them after they sold me a used part.I know that GOD in HEAVEN will not let evil people like this steal from hard working people.please again beware of this rippers i paid cash for everything this people asked for.

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