Anderson College Review


They As A Team Came Up With Fake Excuses For Reasons Of Why Debora Miranda Could Not Be Present During My Sessions Whereby I Was Supposed To Promote Her, Her Class And ! They Are Nothing, But Fake F*ckin’ Bastards Who Do Not Deserve To Work For ! They Are A Disgrace And An Embarrassment To The College! F*ck You! | Lynn Oliphant, Campus Director And Debora Miranda, Medical Aesthetics Instructor Are Big LIARS and Dishonest People To Work With! I am a Promoter for Tourism and Businesses and about One (1) Month Ago, I sent a Proposal to Ryan Tuazon, Campus Director at their North York Campus about ME wanting to Promote Them via Five (5) Star Reviews and on my Youtube Channel to Show The Before And After Differences with Chemical Peels, Microdermabrasion and Laser Hair Removal. | I had several conversations with Ryan Tuazon about this as well and he in turn Recommended ME to Lynn Oliphant, Campus Director at their Downtown Location. I then had some discussions with her about MY Offer and then around the End Of April – Very Early May Of 2019, I had a meeting with Lynn Oliphant at her office about My Proposal and she Expressed Interest and then showed ME around the school and Introduced ME to Debora Miranda, their Medical Aesthetics Instructor. | She was Immediately Interested and booked Me an appointment to come back and promote them, the Students Working On My Face and of course, Anderson School of whom I would be representing. Sadly, (20) Minutes before our Booked Session was about to begin, she sends ME an email Cancelling Our Session with No Reason Given, but asked ME to email her back to Make A Second (2nd) Appointment in which we had back on Wednesday, May 8, 2019. | When I had arrived at the school, I was Ready To Go, but Debora Miranda was No Where To Found over by the reception area. I asked somebody at the Front Desk Of Where I Was Supposed To Meet Her and was told to go to the UC Floor and so when I went down there, I had No Idea Of Where To Go And Meet Her since There Were So Many Different Rooms. | I then went back up to the Reception Area and asked where I was supposed to go and find her. One of the receptionists goes back to the UC Floor to see if she could find her and then comes back up to tell ME that Debora Miranda had left the building on a Family Emergency. I knew that was a d**n Lie! That was Twice That This Was Done To ME and that was More Than Enough! | I then asked if I could speak to Lynn Oliphant, the Campus Director, but was told that she was in a meeting. I was asked to wait for her in the waiting room if I want to but decided that this could take forever and just decided to leave. When I left, I then decided to call Lynn Oliphant, the Campus Director on my cellular phone and when the receptionist answered the phone she Refused to Transfer the call to her voicemail and instead offered to take a message in which I Refused and Simply Hung Up! | I then decided to contact Ryan Tuazon, the Campus Director from their North York Campus to Complain About The Abuse That I Had Just Experienced, Not Once, but Twice. Unfortunately, he was Not Available and I Simply Left A Voice Message, but of course, He Never Returned My Call. I personally do Not Blame Ryan Tuazon, Campus Director from their North York Location at all For The Abuse, Lies, Games and Fake Appointments That I Had Experienced. | I actually Blame Debora Miranda, Medical Aesthetics Instructor and Lynn Oliphant, their Downtown Campus Director who Were Behind This. What I Do Not Understand Is If They Were Not Interested In Working With ME, then Why Did They Make ME Two (2) Fake Appointments That Did Not Even Exist and/or Were Not Ever Going To Happen? | Debora Miranda, Medical Aesthetics Instructor could have Just Emailed ME Before Our First (1st) Appointment And Clearly Tell ME That They Don’t Need ME To Promote Them And Then I Would Not Have Gone Down There Not Just Once, But Twice Wasting $13.00 Dollars On Bus Fair For Nothing! | Please Note: I am Very Surprised On How Dishonest Debora Miranda, their Medical Aesthetics Instructor actually is because she is supposedly from Brasil and I have been to Brasil Five (5) Times and Never Met Such A Liar Like Her Before When I Was In Brasil! What A d**n Shame! Thou Shalt Be Judged On Judgment Day! Amen! | Howard Paul Shore Angry, Upset And Pissed Off Anderson College (Ex-Promoter) Executive, Volunteer Writer For Google And Tripadvisor Websites 05-09-2019 /HPS


Name: Anderson College

Country: Canada


City: Toronto, Ontario

Address: 180 Bloor St W

Phone: 1 416-466-6107


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