Andy Tetoff San Diego, California California


Happened in Rota, Spain but he now lives in San Diego, California. This piece of , big eared, small d*ck, white trash and I married young (barely in our 20?s) and moved from Japan to Rota, Spain per military orders. We were having marital problems in Japan but thought a change of scenery might do us some good. Things didn’t change for the better and instead of following my suggestion of attending marital counseling because he didn’t want someone telling him what to do, he decided instead to f**k everything that had a vagina. Including someone who I thought was my best friend, before we had ever approached the decision to divorce or even separate. || I am unaware if they knew each other before or after she and I became friends but either way, he took it upon himself to not only fuck her in what was still our marital bed at the time, but also conceive a child in it, again, all while we were still married…classy. As if that wasn’t enough, they decided to get engaged, even before a divorce attorney had been put on retainer, let alone divorce papers being drawn up AND I had yet to move out of our house. When I confronted both of them about it, because, after all, I did find her dirty clothes and underwear under what was still my bed, they both told me that nothing was happening. So, not only are BOTH of them home-wreckers, but they’re also conniving, soul-less wastes of human flesh who have zero problems flat out lying to anyone’s face, in an effort to benefit themselves, including f**king with the most intimate relationship two people can have. || Also, this backwoods oxygen thief lives in San Diego and she lives in Ohio w/their two kids…..must have been a bitch when each of them found out they were only temporary novelties and notches on each other’s bedposts when shit didn’t work out the way they thought it would. The grass only looks greener on the other side b/c it’s fertilized with bullshit. It’s called karma. || On the flip side, I thank both of them for being more than able and willing to get mustache rides from each other because white trash begets white trash and had they not fucked around, I wouldn’t be blessed with the beautiful family and life I have created with someone who actually recognizes what marriage vows are truly about. || If this story sounds familiar, it’s because the bridge dwelling troll he fucked around on me with can be found here: ||

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