Angel Stambaugh Hinkle – Hanover, Pennsylvania Pennsylvania


So, back in 2013 my now husband dated Angel Stambaugh Hinkle for a few months. And get this, Angel is married to a guy named Mike and she was dating my now husband while he was in jail. When he got out in July 2013, Angel started going back and forth between her hubby Mike and my hubby, playing both of them. My hubby finally got tired of her bullshit, but remained her friend, and me and him started dating in mid August 2013. When she found out we were dating she got very jealous (which is weird because she was already married!), and started to harass, stalk, and threaten me. She got me fired out of my job (we worked together), she would text my phone saying that my now hubby is HER man and to back off of him, she threatened to kill me and kick my ass, and sent two of her friends to talk shit to my baby daddy since me and him were not on good terms and on the verge of going into a custody battle. My husband finally told her that he was with me, and she needed to stick to her own husband. She threw a major fit and attacked my husband, and swore to never talk to us again. A few months later, I check my hubby’s phone and found out they were still texting and flirting. She was sending him nudes and telling him that she missed him. I confronted my hubby about it, and he admitted to still have some feelings for her but didn’t want to get back with her, even though he was telling her he missed her. Finally, I told my hubby to stop texting her and then I called her up, called her an ugly skank and that if she didn’t stop talking to my hubby that I would put my foot up her junkie ass. She still kept trying to flirt with him, until she went to jail for 2 months, and she got beat up while in jail. I would like to add that this bitch will be 37 this year, she is addicted to every drug and pill you can think of, she has 3 kids by 3 different dads and doesn’t have custody of any of them, and she has cheated on her husband multiple times with multiple guys, and will even go after guys who are already married. She is a straight up nasty, lowlife crackwhore!

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