Angela Carner Cheating Trucker Cleveland Heights Ohio


Liar Cheater Woman, Ohio

Angela Carner of Cleveland Heights, Ohio carried on an affair with Jerry Reaves and among other things, used their positions as truck drivers to coordinate routes so that they could park together at night. Jerry Reaves (co-cheater) whose lie was discovered this week also wears a military uniform and claims to be father of the year. Angela Carner infringed on a relationship that was over six years in the making and had been in existence for over 2.5yrs. Ms. Carner not only revealed herself to be havjng relations with Jerry. She also gloated about it. Then pretended to apologize to his girlfriend, while claiming she was deceived by him also. Ms. Carner then further continued her fraudulent behaviors by trying to pretend to be friendly with the girlfriend, stating she had “removed him from her life.” Of course when she thought the coast was clear a day later, she went online reveling in the fact that she claimed they were “working it out.” All time date stamped correspondences between Mr. reaves and his girlfriend (whom he had also proposed to by the way) do prove there was an existing relationship between them. Angela Carner aka lemonade 216 even has memes posted on social media referencing her whoring adulterous ways. It is females like her that give truckers a very bad name. And Jerry Reaves is a disgrace to the uniform he wears, plus the trucking company he drives for. Don’t let this woman around your man if you value your relationship. Clearly she left her morals at the door if she even had any to begin with. Note to Angela: never call a woman a b-word when YOU are the one who homewrecked her relationship. Also if your sex was so good then why was the man in question still sending messages and calls of love to his GIRLFRIEND even on the days you claim he was laid up with you. Guess your lemonade is warm and stale. Hide your men, ladies.

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