Angela Coveney Weymouth, Massachusetts Massachusetts


Last August it was brought to my attention that my cousin Angela Coveney was having an affair with my fiancÚ right under my nose in my own home. || A little info about the home wrecker…. Angela is a heroin junkie who abandoned her 3 children and then had her rights terminated by the state of Massachusetts. She is an ex stripper/prostitute who manipulated me continuously and while I was trying to help her get clean all summer she was repaying me by sleeping with the father of my children in my bed while my children were in the next room and I was working to support the family. She literally does not have a single friend in the entire world and that is because she has slept with all of their husbands. She has 3 daughters by 3 different men. Her 2 youngest daughters were conceived with men that were still married to other women. This woman is a habitual homewrecker!!! She’s known throughout the town as having the filthiest smelliest clam around and that is probably because she has had gonorrhea so many times the antibiotics no longer work. Luckily my fiancÚ WAS smart enough to wrap it up. She used him as another means to get money to buy more heroin and the idiot fell for it. She is the most selfish woman I have ever encountered. She’s not the brightest bulb!! She never even completed the 8th grade!! She chose drugs over her 3 daughters even though the state gave her 50 chances to get them back she intentionally blew it so she wouldn’t have to raise her children and could devote her life to being a full time iv drug user. || My fiancÚ has admitted to me and to Angela’s boyfriend that they were definitely having a lengthy affair but Ange the coward still denies it to this day. This tramp has ruined my life!! I lost my job that I had been employed at for 9 years and absolutely loved working there. I have severe anxiety now and just want to warn all the women out there that if given the opportunity this disgusting skank will try her best to steal your man. She was attractive at one point in her disgusting life but now she’s just one manly looking bitch with a stank box, hep c, and herpes. ladies keep your men locked up if this walking std is near!!!!

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