Angela Dolber Review


This agent evidently doesn’t get that when someone needs immediate surgery and the surgery has to be pushed up with 8-10 weeks to heal (that means one canít lift anything until after that time so moving is out of the question) that the agent we utilized, conveyed to her that this was sudden, became an issue – we were willing to extend to when the surgeon gave the okay, and evidently according to our past agent. | This agent insisted we were passed ‘a message in regards to how wonderful our past agent was, after all the work she put into the open houseí (which was in Angelaís email to our past realtor) and then conveniently forwarded to us stating even though the transaction couldnít be accomplished as her buyers couldnít do that – (which we know is understandable), that she couldnít believe how wonderful our past realtor was – the time they put into it. The house was on the market 3 days. 1.5 hours of an open house. | It wasnít on for weeks or months. No mention of how much money the homeowners put into the house or how clean it was. Wondering if Angela was told by our realtor (who was informed) that their home inspector left a window totally unlocked, left the microwave on, which both the assistant for our realtor or her could have looked through the house to make sure these things were rectified. That the desk in the office was gauged – that we had pictures sent to the past realtor of the dirt that we had to pick up. | Which no one took responsibility for on either side, because why would anyone desire to take blame? Thatís usually unheard of these days. We were nice enough to give the money for the home inspection back where this woman didnít even give a receipt when asked. Holds a grudge maybe imo? Itís a fair question to be asked, when you want your clientsí home inspection money back, which we were told the buyers already backed out of one home from said home inspector. We didnít ask, he offered the information. So the email to be forwarded to us when you knew what the doctor said was not warranted. Angela never gave up an attorneys name which was also odd. Because July 8 was supposed to be the p&s and yet that attorney was never brought up at all which seemed weird to us, as on the buying side whether you hire your own or use the banks, you still know the name fairly quick. | Especially if they had another home fall through as per their inspector stating that or how would we know that? Plus the home inspector didnít even have the home inspection done which would have been due on July 8, so they would have filed an extension on their own based on not getting their inspection back. We know this because we had to ask the home inspector for the bill, no thanks to Angela. Angela had NO clue the specifics of the real situation, yet chose to not agree to the cancellation of the transaction until we were forwarded her email where all she did was say how great our realtor was and how could we do this? Surgery for something that you had scheduled that you have proof has to be moved up by your doctors as evidence is not doing anything, itís going by what your doctors tell you to do and the recovery time, to which you kept hammering an earlier date. Angela wanted the home inspection money back which we gladly did by dropping it off so no one had to go out of their way, but the money that her buyers put down on deposit she wouldnít even sign off to get that to them fast enough………(which we werenít holding) until our attorney stepped in. | The longer she took to have her buyers sign the release, the more days our house was listed on mls as days counted because the listing couldnít be cancelled until that was finalized. In our opinion she was doing certain things to hurt us. Again thatís just our opinion and others might think sheís wonderful. | However when someone (the past realtor) says a certain date and you ignore or come back with your snide email to be forwarded to us, that makes you look bad when you donít know why the transaction had to be canceled. Hopefully no one in your family gets sick and needs surgery ASAP.


Name: Angela Dolber

Country: United States

State: Massachusetts

City: Whitinsville

Address: 971 Providence Rd

Phone: 508-826-8553


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