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Where to begin….. This was something that happened recently less then a month ago and I been debating over posting here to vent or not, here’s my story. Sigh. A few weeks ago my sisters car got towed because he (a**hole ex) decided to drive on a suspended license. We were arguing, we both got loud and he got a little aggressive — I kicked him out he apologetically came back… but, told me he had lost his phone (Ummm ok). My phone was off for the month. (due to priority bills coming first rent, food, etc). It was kind of an issue ’cause we needed one phone between us. His attitude towards me changed a lot during this time, he was mean. I asked him to stay home and be there when my sister came to get her car (since it was his doing), he said okay but left anyway. I had to pay for my sister to get her car out and a few other things (surprise, surprise). He said he would pay me back (right). So the phone issue came up again, I asked if he did in fact lose the phone, he of course said yes. I asked because he was acting very odd when it came up… || I asked if he had shut it off. He said:”I’ll get around to it” so I decided to go to an online app and try calling it, it was on (neither of us got paid yet so I couldn’t buy a sim to transfer phone to one around the house).  My daughter and I were home playing Games when I got up to go to the vanity, my daughter followed me (she’s 2 y/o) holding an old phone in her hand. She puts it down on the bathroom sink while I was washing my hands and I notice a text on the phone thinking its just an old text. I start reading it”lets change the b to a g and the ff to just one f meaning gf” my thoughts go wild, so I start reading. || Huge mistake, but I cannot stop. He’s telling her how he loves her, how he is going to take care of her. (He can’t even support him himself) sigh. I’m pretty upset at this point. So I put my daughter down for a nap and go to the bathroom and cry. I supported this loser and ontop of it he got my car towed as well, mine got repoed because he decided to stop making payments. I already paid off 75% he only had to pay the remainder ($200 monthly). This is the only Bill he had to pay. || I paid the rent, bills and fully supported our daughter.  He kept making promises, but couldn’t hold a job long enough. He would give me a couple hundred during tax season, but was promising this Trashy”person” the world. I kept reading found out she was infested with oral herpes (typical). I was disgusted he was saying he didn’t care he loved her in the messages uhhh you have a daughter and bringing that around with something contagious just no. Smh. I kept scrolling and saw pictures of her ass, back fat rolls and another covering he boobs with her hands. They started only talking a week ago at that point, classy. || Then she had him talking to her mother and how she wanted him to adopt her son (that poor child). Yup, all in the span of a week. The part that made me more angry was when she kept saying your daughter sounds cute would you care if she told her mother (why are you doing this around my child), first off. Secondly she also said”your daughter might get jealous of me” *rolls eyes* (she’s a child). I was in disbelief I didn’t know how to confront him, I talked to my sister about it she said I could talk to her after when I decided to. || He got home from work. I was just sitting there quietly. I checked his Facebook sure enough a message that day. I sent him to the store to get something, at perfect timing my sister shows up, we talk then she leaves. When he gets back it just comes out sarcastically, he acts like he doesn’t know what I’m talking about. I put the phone in his face. He still trying to deny it, I walk away, he eventually came clean. I’m done. He had been using that phone and the one at work be brought the sim card home and kept switching it between phones. But didn’t delete the messages on the phone and left it at home. Claiming the off phone magically worked bull. I know he was switching it. || He admitted to keeping the other phone at work and when he brought it home he hid it. I was pissed, I’m here taking care of my family and your just making our life harder jackass!!!!! See this relationship wasn’t perfect, I wanted to keep my family together and I do love him. But this is unrepairable damage. So, he messages her saying he wants to keep his family together, he cannot imagine life without us. || She gets mad starts putting me down (obviously) saying I messed everything up ummm, okay, lol. I later find out that she’s a known home wrecker. She had to move from the San Fernando Valley to San Francisco area (5-6 hours) Because her reputation in the Valley. Who knows how many families she has destroyed including her own but whores will be whores. The move is not going to do anything for someone not willing to change. Anyway they can have each other. I’m taking my daughter and getting away from this BS. Always wondering what he is up to is not a way to live. The trust is gone and so am I.

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