Angelique Munoz – Perris, California California


This sleezy hoe can’t find a man of her own. My boyfriend and I do not have our phone locked. He had been acting strangely and starting any argument that he could possibly have just so he can ask me to leave where we live together. I knew something was up. The day after the 4th of July I looked at his phone to find messages and from the hoe. The reason I knew was she was a hoe was because she sent naked pictures of herself. What kinda classy women does that? Come to find out she not only tried to get at my man but also has tried to get at a few of his friends in prior years. Let’s just say I’m an educated women so when I contacted her I blew her ghetto ass out of the water. Sending her proof that I’m the one that goes to bed every night with the man she only wish she could. To make a long story short..he choose the best women..ME!! Beware of this “Hood-rat”.

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