Animal Crossing Community Review


This site behaves like a communist regime. You’d be happier living under Castro’s rule than being on Animal Crossing Community. They ban you for the most silly reasons. For example, the site is about allowing players of Nintendo’s popular Animal Crossing simulation life game to meet and trade items. Some people use the site to harass or steal from others members, posing as legitimate and kind members. I’ve seen friends become victims of such users and when a person tries to make a thread warning others about a certain member, ACC will send them a warning ticket or outright ban them for doing so, saying it’s against the rules to discuss such things. You can also get ticketed or banned for using words as common as lightsaber and I’m not kidding. In the Wii version of Animal Crossing, a lightsaber is considered a hacked seed and ACC prohibits the discussion of such seeds. I once got banned for using the word lightsaber in a post. Someone reported my post and I was banned within minutes. Nevermind that I was simply discussing star wars and NOT attempting to buy a hacked seed. I tried to explain but to no avail. And that’s another thing. The site has such a tattletale atmosphere that reporting each other has become the norm. If you’ve never been a long term member of an Internet forum, you learn quickly that some things you just have to let go. If you get worked up over every little thing said on a forum, then you have no place on the Internet. Not so on ACC. They willingly moderate every aspect of the site, even down to simple words like lightsaber. For example, after I was banned for my first offense, I decided to be a good user and report others who were breaking site rules. I even reported people who used words like idiot or dummy towards other users. These members never actually used the names of other users in their post, which can usually get you off the hook on a forum, but not on ACC. Every single user I reported for even the mildest offenses were ticketed or banned. How do I know? Because when the site agrees with your report, they will send you a message telling you whether or not they penalized a user based on your report. With that kind of instant ‘pat on the back’ why wouldn’t you want to report another user? The entire process just makes you overly cautious and suspicious of other users. And you always second guess what you’re going to say and how you’re going to say it. I’ve seen many users lament in posts “i’ll probably get ticketed for this, but here’s what I think…” No one should have to worry about getting penalized for speaking their mind. Overall the site is a good place to start for new players of the popular Animal Crossing series, but if you’re looking to make a long term stay on the site, I wouldn’t recommend it. You WILL get ticketed at least once during your stay. It’s a given, no matter how well you behave, because somebody will take offense to something you say. And please check the hacked seeds list so you won’t make the mistake of saying the wrong thing and get banned outright. Can someone say Lightsaber? Not on ACC!

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