Anita Kelly


Anita Kelly Of Telford,PA working at GIANT Food Stores in Doylestown, PA Selling Marijuana to kids

Anita Kelly Of Telford, PA was Arrested For Selling Marijuana to kids! We brought this to the Giant Grocery stores management and they just laughed at us. You decide if we are crazy:   On January 19, 2010, Anita Kelly (aka Anita Serafin) employed at the Doylestown, PA location of Giant Food Store, plead guilty for selling PCP and Marijuana to an 11 year old girl. Case number 38-1-17CR-0000067-10 in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania.   Now she sells beer and wine at the Giant Food Store 4357 Swamp Rd, Doylestown, PA 18901. This is illegal and bad business and it’s not safe! She has an extensive criminal record that also includes Prostitution, violence, other drug felonies and more. She even has an alias here!/profile.php?id=100005065184536. We attempted to notify the Doylestown Giant Food Store manager Joe H. Carwithen (aka Joey Carwithen and Joseph Carwithen) we don’t want a criminal having open access to children in a public place. He laughed at us and said, “Well, there are other grocery stores in Doylestown, I never want to see you in Giant again”. So in shock, we did even more digging and found out that Giant Food Story has a problem with hiring criminals and people who just don’t understand how a civil community operates.  Joey graduated from  Pennridge High School (Perkasie, PA) and is an absolutely notorious racist and all around creepy pervert. Th stories that his classmates told us about this individual only beg the question, why isn’t he in prison? Joe covered up Anita Kelly’s criminal record and gave her a job here in our close knit community. Tell us what you think!

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